Ismael Sosa’s 62nd Fut Coins minute equaliser denied Pachuca as Unam Pumas held them to a 1-1 draw in the Apertura on Sunday.

Diego Buonanotte had put the visitors ahead early in the second half, but Sosa levelled it to earn a point for the hosts.

The result leaves Pachuca sixth, nine points from the summit, while Pumas are down in 11th.

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, Chinese auto possession is growing constantly, repairs like the body collision damage has gradually become the main content of the vehicle maintenance. What’s more, the body maintenance can’t just stay in the recovery on the body appearance, it is important to use the vehicle performance recovery, especially body safety performance must be guaranteed. It is necessary to have a professional training to the specialized personnel, and make the correct and reasonable repair process to perform well in body maintenance. Automobile maintenance industry greatly need this kind of specialized talented personnels. At present, our country pays attention to the cultivation of professional car maintenance, construction on the professional car maintenance is regarded as a key national support profession, which can fully illustrates the importance of learning this major, specialized talents of car maintenance has a bright prospect in the future work.

Automobile is the product out of industrialization and modernization and is an important mark for human civilization and social progress. Nowadays, the production and quality of automobiles in a country are always taken to measure the development and productive forces of that country. It’s becoming an important symbol in technical level and economic strength.
With the rapid development of automobile industry, auto body repair service turns out to be obviously important. However, body maintenance should not just stay in the recovery of body appearance, but also the aspects of function and safety.
It seems inevitable that autos might get crash here and there on the body. How can the cars be recovered completely to the original state seems always a challenged in the maintenance field. As the auto body repair business is booming, more and more repair companies keep trying to improve their ability in techniques, equipments, testing systems, repair standards, etc. to offer the best quality for their clients.

First of all, we should make sense of concept on 5S, the 5Smeans five Japanese words, seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, shisuke, the five words means in English are tidy, maintenance, clean, sweep and repair. In our company, by creating the good environment to work, the workers will treat their jobs seriously, and we call the method is the 5S management. After that, we will carry out the SEIRI, and we will avoid the working place to be in mess so that the workers can be easy to find the tools they want, and then the speed of repairing can be increased. The key method on auto body repair is to use the best spare parts for autos, and we promise that all parts we are using are from the factories which are credible and their products have reached the top of the industry on auto repairing. Because the auto body repair needs a long time and most of people have no time to drive their autos on site, and in order to save your time, our employees will contact with you on your convenient time, and you only need to register on our website to be members of our company and according to your timetables, we will arrange the best repairing time for you.

With the escalation of car inventory especially family car, the vehicle-pedestrian accident in China is also increased which resulted in the big demand for serviceman in auto body repair. In the meantime, along with the increase of types of auto body materials and technological content, the conprehensive quality of the employers should improved. The previous pattern of marster-apprentice can not meet the need of auto body repair. Now a great many academy set up majors of automobile shaping, It is necessary to train professional technical personnel in order to meet the need of the enterprises. Dementional measurement of auto body is one of the indispensable link in auto body repair.
Car is easy to cause some accidental damage due to its speed and bright body. If the car surface is scratched without any damage to the metal parts of the body, you can use paint to repair. It is better for you to choose the color which is similar to your auto body. Paint the paint on the abrasion carefully. The technical character of coating process is very high which means that not every one can do it well. If you can work enough careful and do the painting accordign to the technoological process, it is not hard to repair auto body.